PBS Education has partnered with EXPLO and the Commission on Presidential Debates to create the enclosed debate tool kit for classroom use. This tool kit includes resources to engage students through a process of student led discussions designed to foster meaningful and civil conversations with people who think differently. By listening, sharing, questioning, and reflecting, students develop skills critical to becoming thoughtful, responsible citizens.

Feel free to download the debate guide along with the corresponding Join the Debates poster and Presidents poster for display in your classroom.

All About the Presidents Poster

Download the Presidents poster for display in your class to support your discussions about Elections and Government. And now that Election Day has passed, you may now download a photo to add to your poster of the President-Elect, Donald Trump, who will become our 45th President on January 20, 2017.


Join The Debates Poster

Download the Join the Debates poster for display in your class to provide you students with visual cues during the debate process.


Debate Tool Kit

Download the debate curriculum guide to engage your students in civil debate and conversation in the weeks leading up to Election day.