Virtual Field Trips

Ready to pack up your class and explore the world of politics? Check out some of our favorite virtual field trips to engage your students in the political process!

Virtual Field Trips
Exploring Monticello

Exploring Monticello takes students into Thomas Jefferson’s home, a virtual laboratory for all kinds of ideas. Thomas Jefferson is best known for authoring the Declaration of Independence and becoming the third President of the United States, but he also had a great love for innovations which made him one of America’s first great scientists. This LIVE interactive streaming field trip gives students the opportunity to experience scientific discovery within the context of history, and to consider the creative process inherent in making something new and innovative.

Exploring Mount Vernon

Explore the famous Mount Vernon estate in this electronic field trip to the historic home of our nation's first president. Learn from Mount Vernon's interpreters and curators. Give your students the unique opportunity to visit one of America's most famous homes while enhancing their knowledge of early American history.

Our Nation’s Capitol

Join student reporters as they uncover the history, art and architecture that define America’s living symbol of democracy and freedom. Enjoy special behind-the-scenes access as students explore the famous Rotunda and its historical paintings; dig into the archives to discover the history of the Capitol building; and learn more about the legislative branch of our federal government housed in this storied building.

Congressional Record

The Congressional Record app is a fantastic resource for teachers who can't take their students to the floor of Congress. Up-to-date information as well as archived text paired with some CSPAN clips can bring the United States Senate and House of Representatives straight to America's future voters.

Presidential Powers & the Constitution

Students will interact live with Presidential historians at museums and Presidential Libraries to explore historical themes and events. Through the use of primary source documents and interactive video-conferencing, the 2016 program series will allow students to explore how different Presidents in different eras have interpreted and exercised Presidential powers.