PBS Education’s 50 for 50 contest winners

Jade Thomas

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The Indianapolis Star shared an article highlighting Jade’s experience with PBS LearningMedia’s 50 for 50 Essay Contest.

Eyewitness News, WTHR-TV aired an interview with Jade on October 10.

WTHR-TV posted online a second time highlighting Jade’s send off, mentioning the contest.

Fox59.com, WXIN-TV posted about Jade and the PBS essay contest.

The Indy Channel, WRTV-TV attended Jade’s send off, airing the footage in a broadcast segment and posting online.

WFYI.org posted about Jade and the PBS essay contest.

Zhengdong Wang

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Channel 3 AZFamily, KTVK-TV shared an interview with Zhengdong in a segment that aired on October 10 and October 11.

12 News, KPNX-TV aired an interview with Zhengdong at 6PM on October 11.

The East Valley Tribune posted about Zhengdong’s trip to the final debate as one of two winners in PBS Education’s essay contest.

Debate Gallery

Thirteen-year-old Jade Thomas, an 8th grader from Indianapolis’ St. Richard’s Episcopal School and 17-year-old Zhengdong Wang, a senior at Hamilton High School in Chandler, Arizona will both attend the final Presidential debate in Las Vegas, Nevada as winners of PBS Education’s ’50 for 50’ contest. Contestants wrote open letters with ideas on how to improve the effectiveness of government.

Our winners approached the contest in their own unique ways: Jade made an empassioned appeal for more policies to support single mothers—which she believes will help close the wage gap—and Zhengdong joined a chorus of historical figures and others in calling for more constructive political discourse.

To follow their debate experience, or if your students have questions for Jade or Zhengdong, please tweet using the hashtag #PBSEdu on the night of the last debate—Wednesday, October 19.

We also want to offer our congratulations to Jade’s teacher Andrea Neal, and Zhengdong’s teacher, Jacob Harvey.

Don’t forget to download the free Classroom Debate Tool Kit for additional resources to help engage your students in the debate process.

PBS Education has also joined forces with Letters to the Next President 2.0, a campaign that provides students with another opportunity to voice their opinions about the upcoming election by publishing their written or multi media work.

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